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Monday, April 30, 2007

Last Post of April

Had a great weekend. Have mid-terms coming up for this next weekend. Wish me luck. Three classes (and hard ones too). So far, I have all A's though and even a 100 average in one class.

So far, things have slowed down quite a bit for Japan preparations. There's nothing I can do now except wait for my placement information to arrive. I really, really hope they put me somewhere in the south like I requested. My first choice was Kobe. It seems like a nice city with a really pretty skyline, interesting things to do, and far enough south as to be only mildly cold in the winter. My second choice was Okinawa and third, a little farther north, Yokohama, which is near Tokyo. I hear Okinawa's really nice and I believe that the US Military base is there as well.

I specifically requested southern places and told them why (on the supplementary information section). I grew up in the south. I can stay in any number of hot environments because I don't sweat (seriously), but in the cold, I can't even sleep because I shiver so much. And no amount of covers can really keep me from being cold either.

Sidebar: I have a problem with the word covers. And bubble gums. And also shrimps. I don't like them because they are improperly used words. I think one is not a word at all.

Spiderman 3 opens this weekend. I cannot wait to see it.

They say it's the most expensive movie ever made, but some critics are already saying it's not as good as the other two films. In my opinion, Spiderman 2, just like X-Men 2, was the best of a trilogy. We'll see if SM3 bombs as badly as X3 did.

I hope not. I'm paying good money to see this.

Update: SM3 on IMAX! Where? I gotta find one of those theaters!

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ryen said...
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ryen said...

I really liked Spiderman 3 and enjoyed the mix of action and humor. Also, for the first time I thought Kirsten Dunst was hot and was not distracted by her fangs, eh I mean teeth. They should not make a 4th one, but if they do, I will probably see it.

ryen said...

I wrote this a long time ago and now have a sour taste in my mouth. Spidy 3- blah!

I'm waiting for TDK!