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Monday, May 14, 2007

Selling My Car On Ebay

...or wherever I can get rid of it. Since I'll be in Japan in for a year, I really don't see the point in continuing to pay for it and insurance when I'm not driving.

My dad suggested that I try selling it in the Carolina Trader or on Ebay.

I've seen some pretty good cars go for good money on Ebay, so I will first give that a try.

If any of yous want to purchase it, then you can have first dibs. The Ebay listing won't go up until around June because I still need transportation to and from work for a while.

I take really good care of my car and have the maintenance history for anyone who wants to see. I try to wash it about every 2 weeks and wax it once a month. The interior is black leather with heated seats, in-dash CD player with steering wheel controls, and a moon/sun roof. I don't smoke so, it still smells like a new car despite being a 2001. New tires on the front, brand new windshield (old one was cracked by a rock or something), will have brand new tires on back.

It really is a great car and I'm kind of sad to have to give it up.

It's a Volkswagen Jetta by the way.

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Aisha said...
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Aisha said...

Miracle looks very handsome on his picture and he will certainly be missed!