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Sunday, September 16, 2007


So I lost my wallet today. With about $200, my alien registration card, my health insurance card, two debit cards, my cash card, and two credit cards.

Lucky me.

I am told that there's a good chance it will turn up tomorrow with all of the stuff in it. I have hope, but I'm not so sure it will turn up. If it doesn't turn up it will be hell trying to replace all of the stuff in the wallet, not to mention that I'm not rich enough to lose $200 without crying about it a little.

Was supposed to go to Sapporo with friends today, but had to cancel because of lost wallet.

In other news, I bought a really nice tent on Saturday in preparation for the South Western camping party next weekend.

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Aisha said...

Sorry to hear about your wallet! I'm optimistic that it will show up tomorrow with everything in it!!