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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

An Unintended Absence

So, because in Japan they take a month to hook up internet/home phone service and because at my school, there are way too strict blocks on internet access, and because all internet cafes I visit in this country are equipped with the dreaded Japanese keyboard, I have been unable to update the blog lately.

I have been on many whirlwind adventures since my last post and I have so much to say about them. I'll be updating quite frequently, from my first touchdown in Tokyo to my flight to Hokkaido to my first day at school. It's gonna be a sweet tale!

3 what do you have to say...:

Aisha said...

You were truly missed during your unintended absence! I'm so glad that you have Internet access now. I know that you can care less about this statement that I am about to type, but I just have to type it! GO GAMECOCKS!!!

tiffinjapan said...

Yay Cocks!

Aisha said...

Oh yea, Yay Cocks! We are coming off a huge win at UGA and ranked 17th in the national!