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Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's In the Mail

Finally got all of my paperwork off. Signed contract, visa application (with accompanying passport), and lengthy medical import forms are all on their way to their intended destinations.

And a word about those medical import forms: they are lengthy as HELL. They want to know exactly what you're bringing in (medical name and all), the exact amount, the manufacturer, the country of origin, AND it's intended purpose. There are many medicines that are pretty standard here in the States that are absolutely outlawed in Japan (like Sudafed). I guess they don't want methheads cooking up batches of dangerous narcotics, but too bad for whoever needs those drugs (or anything like them) to feel better. Fortunately for me, I grew out of my sinus allergies when I went to college, though, I still do get some wicked sinus infections every now and again.

So, now, the only thing I'm really waiting on is hearing more information about my housing situation. I'm really anxious about that, because, after all, your home is where you sleep, eat, and live. I'm a firm believer that everything else around you can be falling apart, but as long as you're comfortable where you rest your head, you can make it through just about anything.

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