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Saturday, October 27, 2007


...from Andrea. Always thinking of others and always the person to cheer people up, Andrea sent me this wonderful care package for Halloween. Isn't it cute?

Here in Japan, Halloween is not as big of a deal (of course) but because of the influx of so many foreigners who do celebrate the holiday (particularly English teachers) the kids are getting more in tuned with the tradition of scary costumes and candy. I was down in Sapporo station yesterday and they had banners up for trick or treating inside the mall. There were also many Halloween-themed goodies and gifts at the different stores I saw.

In other news, this whole week, I was in Ebetsu, just outside of Sapporo, being a helper for a Board of Education conference given for Japanese Teachers of English. All-in-all it was a welcome break from regular school work and I learned a bit about teaching English on the high school level (actually junior high even though I only teach at senior high schools, but it's about the same).

We had a rocking farewell party for the teachers this past Thursday and I got some shopping done in Sapporo during the week.

This weekend, I'm sitting out several Halloween party invitations and whatnot to recooperate for the coming week.

I've already booked my hotel for Thailand and will book my flight just as soon as I get the go-ahead from my school to take the days off. Can't wait! Plus, I will hopefully have my new camera just in time to take some amazing pictures of my trip!

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