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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just Me Hanging Out

And not doing anything at work...again. Bought some fake glasses at Uniqlo that I thought were kind of cool. What do you think?

Fuyuki says they make me look to serious, but I disagree. He said, however, that he is biased because he wears glasses and doesn't like glasses at all.

Planning my Thanksgiving/Christmas vacation to Bangkok (now changed from Bali cause cheap Bali tickets were already sold out). Will post more on what I plan to do and where.

Also, what do you think of me posting video every once and a while? Would you watch?

2 what do you have to say...:

Aisha said...

I actually like the glasses!

They may make you look serious but I'm not sure since you aren't taking a regular/serious pic!

If you post a video every once in a while, I will watch it! So go ahead and start filming!

ryen said...

do it!