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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Second to Last Day at Work

And I'm so happy. I even got up at 8 AM I'm so happy. I must say that I've been completely mentally checked out since last week, but it seems that the week is going by slower as the days go on. It seems almost mind-numbing.

The things I really want to do: see my girlfriend, write the second chapter of my dissertation, make headway on the vampire script, and party with my friends. Oh, and pack. All in that order.

Got some handy dandy business cards made up. These were a nightmare to bring into fruition. First, I wanted to have them printed up by vista print, who has done my cards in the past. But their print and ship times were too slow, because I needed the cards mainly for this week/weekend to give out to people I wouldn't see for a while.

So, then I design my own expertly in Photoshop and see what I can get printed at Kinko's, but they only do their own design...and it's expensive...and they charge even more for front and back cards like I wanted.

So, then I try printing them myself, but realize I can't actually print these cards from Photoshop, even with the business card stock I just bought at Office Depot. Microsoft Word's templates are pure crap and won't center up a picture of the card I made in Photoshop.

So, finally, I go to the website of the people that made my business card stock (Avery) and use their formatter software stuff and mock up a design that looks exactly like my Photoshop design and voila! I now have business cards! Simple, elegant, yet effective.

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