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Monday, July 30, 2007

Genghis, Sleep, and Sleepwalking

Just went through three days of “intensive” training at this really posh hotel. My training consisted mainly of sleeping off jet lag in my room. The first day I actually went to things like the opening ceremony and the first part of the day workshop. Oh, and lunch because it was free.

The Japanese are big on ceremonies and speeches by the way.

After the first quarter of the workshop, I found myself slipping off to sleep in the uncomfortable chair and so when we had a break, I trotted on back to my room.

Went to nomihodai that night which was food and all you can drink for 3000 yen (a little less than $30). Even though it was all you can drink I did not get drunk, just slightly buzzed. Tried over 5 different drinks on the menu though and that was interesting. Dinner was good. Something called Genghis Khan that has no relation to the Mongolians.

I came back like the nerd I am and did some homework (midterm actually). Then about 2 hours later some people came carrying my roommate into the room. She was sooooooooo drunk. She passed out for a bit and then I tried to go to bed as well, but she kept getting up in the middle of the night and sleepwalking out of the room and into the other corridor, trying to get into someone else’s room. I had to go get her twice. As amusing as it was, it left me kind of tired for the next day.

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